Vocal Music Prarambhik Final Syllabus In English Pracheen Kala Kendra

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Vocal Music Prarambhik Final Syllabus In English


Exam Marks

Total Marks- 100 




(1).Definition – Sthai ,Antra ,Sanchari Aabhog ,Vadi,Samvadi,Taal,Matra and Thaat

(2).General knowledge about the two main paddhati of Sangeet.

(3).General knowledge about raag prescribed in the syllabus.

(4).Life history of Vishnu Digambar Paluskar.


(1).Practice of five simple Alankaras including Aaroh and Avaroh of all raags under the course.

(2).Practice of singing Aaroh, Thah the Aaroh, Dugun and Chaugun Lay of raags prescribed in the syllabus.

(2) In the following raag group, it is necessary to know two swar malika ,one Lakshan geet and Chota khayal.

(3).It is necessary for the examinees of Dhrupad singing to sing two Dhrupad Vilambit laykari and Dugun lay instead of khayal –

Prescribed raag – Kafi, Khamaj, Bhairav.

(4).Complete introduction to the following Taals and practice of recitation the Theka by showing the Tali ,Khali

Prescribed Taals for singing Khayal – Dadra, Keharwa, Teentaal.

For Dhrupad singing – Jhaptaal, Chautaal., and Sooltaal.

Note – The syllabus of the previous year will be combined.