Prarambhik Vocal Syllabus In English Gandharva Mahavidhyalaya

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Prarambhik Vocal Syllabus In English


Exam marks

Total Marks: 50

Minimum :18

Practical: 40

Theory: 10


(1).Description of the raags of the syllabus (Thaat, Swar, Samay, Vadi, Samvadi, Aaroh – Avaroh)


(1).Taal: Knowledge of Keharwa, Dadra and Tritaal. The practice of recitation by clapping hands. Similar to the sixteen matra, the Tritaal (Madhyalay) of eight matra is also certified.

(2).Swar gyan: Shudha Swar, singing and recognition in different and simple community. Preliminary introduction to the following Swar Alankar.


Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa*

Sa Re Ga , Re Ga Ma , Ga Ma Pa , ………..

Sa Re Ga Ma , Re Ga Ma Pa , Ga Ma Pa Dha …….

Sa Re Sa Re Ga , Re Ga Re Ga Ma ………….

Sa Ga , Re Ma , Ga Pa , Ma Dha , Pa Ni , Dha Sa* ……

Sa , Sa Re Sa , Sa Re Ga Re Sa , Sa Re Ga Ma Ga Re Sa …….

(a). Raga Gyan :- Singing / playing one-by-one bandish or Gat swar taal in the following raags.

  • Durga
  • Kaphi
  • Khamaj
  • Bhiplassi
  • Bageshree
  • Bhupali
  • Desh

(b).Aaroh Avaroh and Pakad singing of all raags and recognition of Raag from simple swar community.