Kuchipudi Nritya Bhaskar Part 1 Syllabus In English Pracheen Kala Kendra

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Kuchipudi Nritya Bhaskar Part 1 Syllabus In English

Kuchipudi Nritya

Exam marks

Total Marks: 400

Theory– 100


First Paper – 100

Second Paper – 100

Practical -125

Stage performance :75


First Paper

(1). Description of the names of Tri Murthy Tarayam of Kuchipudi dance style and their contribution to the dance.

(2). Three main elements of body movements and their role in dance.

(3). According to Natya Shastra, knowledge of the names of Sthanak, Mandal Bhed, Akasha and Bhumichari.

(4).Complete information about the names and uses of dancing hands described in Abhinay Darpan and Natya Shastra.

(5). Information about Chari, Rechak, Gati Bhed, Karan, Anghar.

(6).Definition of the following:- Sutradhara, Kutilaka and Jhar.

(7).Knowledge and comparative study of the following: Vedanatakam, Bhagavatam and Yakshaganam and ability to write an essay on Kuchipudi Natyam.

(8) Name of any (5) five artists who played an important role in the salvation of Kuchipudi dance and study their contributions in detail.

(9).Comparative interpretation of Kuchipuda dance style with Bharatanatyam or Kathak dance style.

Second Paper

(1).Knowledge of the development of Kuchipudi dance from Aarmbh kaal to Aadhunik kaal.

(2). Information about Hindustani and Western taal paddhati.

(3). History of different dance styles, their characteristics and their comparative study.

(4).Origin, development and importance of ghughru in dance.

(5).Complete introduction and critical study of Abhinay and its types.

(6). Complete study of western baile dances.

(7). Effect of Indian lok nritya on common people.


(1).Mukhabhinayam and Satyabhama’s conversation with Madhavi on the dance drama Bhama Kalapam and performance of reciter’s act including hand act.

(2). Practical exercise of the following:-

a) Usha’s entry door display under the Usha Act.

b) Performance of Hirayakashyap Pravesha Darkyu from Prahlad Charitham.

(3).Performance of Satyabhama from Bhama Kalapam.

(4).Ability to demonstrate different parts of Tandav and Lasya and to explain their differences.

(5). Practical knowledge of either Abhisarika or Khandita Nayika.

(6).Practice of Ardha Nareshwar’s stage presentation.

(7).According to Natya Shastra, the ability to perform the following charis:-

  • Akasika Chari
  • Bhoomi Chari

(8). Prahlad Pattabhishek’s Shabdam.

Stage Performance:-

(1). It is mandatory for the candidate to demonstrate various aspects of Kuchipudi dance through dance in any of the rhythms prescribed in the syllabus for 30 minutes.

Note:- The syllabus of previous years will be combined.