Definition & Type Of Acting In English

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Definition & Type Of Acting In English

Definition –

  • Acting is the act of an actor or actress through which they represent a story, usually through a character. Natyashastra is considered to be the original book of acting. Its creator was Bharatmuni.
  • When words are used for the knowledge of the expressions of words and the feeling of juice, then that whole coordinated business is called acting.
  • Bharata has said in the dramatists the word Abhinaya: “The word Abhinaya is formed by prefixing ‘Abhi’ to the root ‘Nin’.
  • The purpose of acting is to convey the sense of a term or word to the main meaning; That is, to overwhelm with emotion or meaning in the hearts of the audience or social”.

Four Types Of Acting

Aangik Abhinay

  • Angik Abhinay means to express any emotion or meaning by body, mouth and gestures.
  • Abhinay performed by head, hand, waist, chest, side and feet is called or Angik Abhinay and facial acting done by eye, brow, abdomen, kapol and chin is called Upang Abhinay.
  • Attempted acting is called that in which acting is done by a special effort of the whole body, such as acting by showing the efforts of a lame, hunchback, or an old man.

Satvik Abhinay

  • Satvik Abhinay is the real and hearty acting of those feelings which are called Satvik Bhaav by Ras Siddhant and under which, Swed, Stambh, Vibration, Tears, Vaivarnya, Thrilling, Swarbhang and Holocaust are counted.
  • Out of these, except sweat and thrill, all the rest can be acted sattvic.

Vachik Abhinay

  • Whatever the actor says orally on the stage is called verbal acting.
  • In literature, we only accept vyakrita vani, but in drama, vyakrita vani can also be used.
  • Speaking of birds, whistling or chattering while driving cattle, etc., coming out of the mouth comes under vocal acting.

Aahary Abhinay

  • Dietary acting is actually not a part of acting but a part of behind-the-scenes work and it is related not so much to the actor as to the person behind the scenes.
  • The most bizarre episode in Bharata’s Natyashastra is Chitrabhinaya, in which he has given description of seasons, expressions, various types of creatures, deities, mountain, river, ocean etc., various stages and performances of Pratah, Sayam, Chandjyotsna etc.