Rabindra Nritya Visharad Part 1 Syllabus In English Pracheen Kala Kendra

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Rabindra Nritya Visharad Part 1 Syllabus In English

Rabindra Nritya

Exam marks

Total Marks: 250

Theory– 50



(1). History of Indian dance.

(2). Importance of taal in dance and music.

(3). Usefulness of Ras in dance.

(4).Knowledge of different types of Nayak – Nayika.

(5).Influence of Kathakali and Manipuri dance on Rabindra dance.

(6).Criticism of dance drama-Chandalika, Chitrangada, Shyama.

(7).Dance and other Lalit kala of India.

(8). What is Lok nirtya? Place of Lok nirtya in Rabindra dance.

(9).Description of a special style of Rabindra dance.

(10). Biography – Shri Dinendra Nath Thakur, Shri Jitendra Nath Thakur.


(1). Rabindra dances with eight of the following synonyms group – Pooja – 2, Prakriti – 2, Prem – 2, Kotuk Geeti – 1 Shisu Sangeet  – 1.

(2). Baulang and Tapang dance with Rabindra Sangeet.

(3).Knowledge about Ektaal, Chartaal, Sulfak Taal, Khemta, Ada Khemta Taal and two Rabindra dances in any two of the suitable Taals.

(4) Manipuri Raas nirtya.

(5). Bharata Natyam Adhau – from 51 to 76 sequence.

(6). Practice of ‘Kalasam’ essence of Kathakali dance.

(7).According to the Hast Lakhshan lipika, ‘Mudraksha and Kath, Kram’, the behavior method of Mudra.

(8). Main two lok nritya of Bengal.

(9).Two Rabindra dances based on lok nritya.

Note: Syllabus of previous years will be same.