Rabindra Nritya Bhushan Part 2 Syllabus In English Pracheen Kala Kendra

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Rabindra Nritya Bhushan Part 2 Syllabus In English

Rabindra Nritya

Exam marks

Total Marks: 250

Theory– 50



(1). Music education of Guru Rabindranath ji.

(2). The uniqueness of Bhanu Singh’s phraseology.

(3).Ang description with full introduction of Tabla,Left , Shri khol

(4).Tevda, Rupkra, Shashti and Tritaal.

(5). Knowledge in relation to Upali, Bhramari, Sirbhed.

(6). What type of Ghungroo is appropriate in dance and their purpose in Rabindra Nritya.

(7). Biography – Mr. Yadu Bhatt, dance teacher Amubi Singh.


(1). Dance worship with Rabindra Sangeet on eight of the following – 2,

Prem-3, Nature-1 Kotuk Geeti-1, Dance Drama-1.

(2).At least one Rabindra dance in Tevda, Roopkada, Shashti and Tritaal and practice reciting taal by pretending to tali.

(3). Manipuri Chali – from 15 to 18 steps.

(4). Adhau 15 to 30 sequence of Bharat Natyam.

(5). Dance of Kathakali ‘Todayam’ dance till Champataal.

(6).Dance – Special dance part of Natyam.

(7). Two lok nirtya of Bengal.

(8). Practical knowledge of joint postures.

Note- Pre-years syllabus will be combined