Bhav Sangeet Visharad Part 1 Syllabus In English Pracheen Kala Kendra

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Bhav Sangeet Visharad Part 1 Syllabus In English

Bhav Sangeet

Exam Marks

Total Marks- 250 




(1).Definition – Sandhiprakash Raag, Meend, Gamak, Nyas Swar, Nayak, Nayki, Gayak, Gayaki.

Brief introduction to song types-Jan Sangeet, Samuh geet, Chaiti, ‘Bhavai, Chatka, Gambhira, Jhumur, variety in their regional songs and Qawwali vocal.

(2).Introduction to musical instruments – Manjira, Parvavaj, Shrikhol and Dholak.

(3).Place of band instrument in Bhajan and Geet.

Contribution of performance of expressions in music.

(4).Contribution of music in human life.

(5).Importance of taal and lay in music.

(6).It is necessary to know the complete introduction of the raags of the syllabus.

(7).Ability to identify raag by looking at written swar groups.

(8).Practice of writing the bol of theka of Prescribed taal groups in different laykari.

(9).Biography –

  • Brahmananda
  • Guru Nanak Dev
  • Chandidas
  • Kabir
  • Tulsidas
  • Jaydev
  • Vidyapati.


(1).It is essential to know Chota Khayal in the following raag groups –Purvi, Kedar, Kamod, Asavari, Kalyan, Todi, Bageshree, Bihag and Drut Khyal in Jaunpuri raags.

(2).Practice singing the following song group-

  • For Bangla language speakers- Chandidas Padavali (one), Tulsidas Bhajan (one), Surdas Bhajan (one), Kabir Bhajan (one), Ram Prasadi(one), Ghazal (one), Atul Prasad (one), Nazrul Ghazal (one), Raag Pradhan (four) must be in Malkaus, Patdeep, Bageshree and Bhim Palasi.
  • For other language speakers – Tulsi Das Bhajan (one), Ghazal (one), Surdas Bhajan (one), Kabir Bhajan (one), Geet (one), Hori (one), Lok song (one), Ragasrit song (four) of our state (Malkausan, Patdeep, Must be in Raga Bageshree and Bhimpalasi).

(3).One Dhupad (in Tah and Dugun Lykari), one Tappa and one Thumri (must be in Bhairavi or Khamaj raag).

(4).Knowledge of Sulfak, Jat, Aadha, Khemta and Punjabi Taal and practice of recitation the bol of the above mentioned Taal group by showing Tali Khali on the hand.

(5).It is compulsory to practice singing on Tanpura.

Note – The syllabus of previous years will be combined.