Pandit Ram Sahay Biography In English Pdf Life Story 1780-1826

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Pandit Ram Sahay Biography In English

Birth Details –

Place – Banaras

Date of Birth – 1780

Nationality -Indian

Teacher – Sidhar Khan

Early Life-

  • Pandit Ram Sahay was one of the founders of the Banaras Gharana. Today’s famous Banaras eagle was developed by him about 200 years ago.  
  • He was a resident of Banaras city. His music guru was Ustad Modhu Khan, a disciple of Sidhar Khan of Delhi. Ustad ji was a royal musician in the court of Nawab Asafuddaulah of Lucknow.
  • When Ram Sahai was only 17 years old, the new Nawab of Lucknow asked Modhu Khan if Ram Sahai could perform a performance for him.
  • It is said that Ram Sahay played tabla continuously for 7 nights, which was praised by the whole society and gifts were showered on him.
  • After this display of his talent, Ram Sahai returned to Banaras.

Other Information –

Death date – 1826

What is the birth place and date of birth of Pandit Ram Sahay?

Pandit Ram Sahay was born in 1780 in Banaras.

What is the name of the teacher of Pandit Ram Sahay?

Pandit Ram Sahay’s teacher was Sidhar Khan.

When did Pandit Ram Sahay die?

Pandit Ram Sahai died in 1826