Abid Hussain Khan Biography In English Pdf Life Story 1907

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Abid Hussain Khan Biography In English

Birth Details –

Date of Birth – 1907

Nationality -Indian

Teacher – Ustad Jamaluddin Khan

Early life –

  • Ustad Abid Hussain Khan, grandson of Raza Ali Beenkar, born in 1907, was also an accomplished singer and beankar (rudra-veena player).
  • He traces his musical heritage to Mr. Mishri Singh Rajput of Jaipur, who once accompanied Miyan Tansen on the Rudra Veena before Emperor Akbar.
  • As a child, Abid Hussain Khan was initiated into music by late Ustad Jamaluddin Khan, father of Bidar State, during the twenties and thirties of the last century.


  • In the prime of his youth, he became the court-musician of the Nawab of Jinjira, a Muslim state in the coastal region of Maharashtra, where he lived in a hut facing the waves of the Arabian Sea.
  • Perhaps the resonance of his voice, his own style of diction and taunting, which reflected the elegance and beauty of an ocean, was due to this.
  • A versatile maestro, Ustad Abid Hussain Khan could sing Dhrupad and Dhamar, Khayal, Tarana, Tappa with finesse.
  • Khan Sahab preferred simple and famous ragas in his concerts.
  • The main ragas were Bilawal, Malhar, Todi, Malkauns, Megh, Darbari, Kapi and Chhayanat. His compositions were mostly in Teen-Taal, Tilwara, Jhumra and Ada Chautal.
  • He also gave some memorable concerts singing less common ragas like Barwa, Khat, Durga, Shankara and Jhinjhoti.
  • Mr. Vimal Mukherjee (Sitar player), is a leading representative of the Pramukh Gharana among his famous disciples.
  • His main representative for the singing style is Bhavyanand Bhatt of Indore who has retained the charm and uniqueness of his master’s Khandarbani style.
  • His colleague in Sarangi was Late Ustad Alladiya Khan Pt. Ambadas Agle Pant on Pakhawaj and Ustad Dhulji Khan on Tabla. In the living generation he was accompanied by Ustad Moinuddin Khan on Sarangi and Ustad Yusuf Khan on Tabla.

What is the date of birth of Abid Hussain Khan?

Abid Hussain Khan was born in 1907.

What is the name of the teacher of Abid Hussain Khan?

The name of the teacher of Abid Hussain Khan was Ustad Jamaluddin Khan.