Anjanibai Malpekar Biography In English Life Story -1883-1974

Anjanibai Malpekar Biography In English
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Anjani Bai Malpekar Is A Famous Indian Classical Music Singer, Who Belongs To The Bhindi Bazaar Gharana Of Hindustani Classical Music.

  • Acclaimed For His Nationalism Among The Youth Society, Malpekar Was The Inspiration For Painters Raja Ravi Verma And M. V. Dhurandhar.

Anjanibai Malpekar Biography In English

Birth Details –

Place – Goa

Date Of Birth – 22 April 1883

Marital Status – Married

Nationality – Indian

Family –

Mother – Nabubai

Husband – Vasanji Ved

Teacher – Ustad Nazir Khan

Early Life –

  • Malpekar Was Born On 22 April 1883 In Malpe, Pernem, Goa, In A Music Loving Family, Belonging To The Kalavant Community Of Goa.
  • Both His Grandmother Gujabai And Mother Nabubai Were Respected Names In Music Circles. At The Young Age Of 8, He Began His Musical Training Under The Tutelage Of Ustad Nazir Khan Of The Bhindibazar Gharana.
  • Although This Was Not Without Its Drawbacks, Especially When Singing At Public Functions Meant Singing For A Predominantly Male Audience, It Often Led To Harassment. Thus In 1904, He Became Afraid Of Even Singing In Public And Lost His Voice, Although He Regained It A Year Later.
  • Meanwhile, She Married Seth Vasanji Ved. After A Successful Career As A Singer, She Lost Interest In Concerts After The Death Of Her Mentor Ustad Nazir Khan In 1920. In The Coming Decades, He Taught Some Notable Names In Indian Classical Music, Including Kumar Gandharva Who Was His First Disciple.

1. Kishori Amonkar

2. Pandit T.D. Janorikar

3. Begum Akhtar

4. Naina Devi

Award –

  • Sangeet Natak Academy Award

Other Information –

  • Date Of Death-7 August 1974
  • Place – Bombay

What Is The Birth Place And Date Of Birth Of Anjanibai Malpekar?

Anjanibai Malpekar Was Born On 22 April 1883 In Goa.

What Was The Name Of Anjanibai Malpekar’s Mother?

Anjanibai Malpekar’s Mother’s Name Was Nabubai.

What Was The Name Of Anjanibai Malpekar’s Husband?

Anjanibai Malpekar’s Husband’s Name Was Vasanji Ved.

What Was The Name Of Anjanibai Malpekar’s Teacher?

Anjanibai Malpekar’s Teacher’s Name Was Ustad Nazir Khan.

Which Award Was Anjanibai Malpekar Honored With?

Anjanibai Malpekar Was Awarded The Sangeet Natak Akademi Fellowship, Sangeet Natak Akademi.

When And Where Did Anjanibai Malpekar Die?

Anjanibai Malpekar Died On 7 August 1974 In Bombay.

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