Painting Prarambhik Part 1 Syllabus In English Pracheen Kala Kendra

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Painting Prarambhik Part 1 Syllabus In English


Exam Marks

Total Marks – 100

Theory – 25

Practical – 75


(1). What is painting, what is art, description of basic principles.

(2).Knowledge of how to do painting with free hand, how to use it.

(3). What are the principle of painting and its initial rules.

(4). Definition of colors and what are the basic colors, tell their names, description with example of second class color and third class color.

(5). Knowledge of how to find colors in nature with examples.

(6).Knowledge of various geometric shape.


(1). Practice of drawing the following figure by simple drawing. Leaves, flowers, animals, birds, vegetables, fruits, kites, boats, huts, houses etc. on nature.

(2). Practice of depicting inanimate matter –

(a) A subject matter which has three parameters, and illustration exercises of two or three.

(b) Practice its principle, by rule, it will be possible only as long as there is continuous practice.

(3). Design :- Practice of making five designs.

(4). Geometric shape, square, triangle, circle.

Medium :- Simple subject matter and including flowers and leaves.