Painting Chitra Bhaskar Final Syllabus In English Pracheen Kala Kendra

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Painting Chitra Bhaskar Final Syllabus In English


Total Exam

Exam Marks

Total Marks-400


First Paper-100

Second Paper-100


Theory –

First Paper

(1). Guiding Principal, Art and Machine Creative Impulse As an artist creation, what is art? Creative Method, Artist and Spectator, Three Laws of Applying the Theory – Rhythm, Sequence and Symme-try, Value of Natural Beauty, Color Harmony, Color & Expression and expressions), Color & Form , Proportion (ratio method), Balance, Rhythimical Method.

(2). Painting  Sculpture Architecture, ceramics & Glass Textile and Printing, wood and metal work.

(3) Western and Indian art history and commendable works, detailed description of the paintings of Western and Indian painters.

(4). Study of South and North Indian temples.

(5). The golden age of Gupta period sculpture.

(6). Sculpture, description of Mahabalipuram and Contemporary sculpture.

(7) Ivory Carvings.

(8).Detailed description of the following :- Paul Gangin, Vincent Vangogh, Pablo Piccasso, Boticelli, Degas, Durer, Edward, Munich .

(9).Complete knowledge of the following :- Daddiasm , Fauvism ,Abstractionism , Constructivism.

Second Paper

(1). What is Horizon – Why it is formed and complete knowledge of where earth and sky meet.

(2). Principles of Good Composition What is the importance of self art composition in every field of daily life.


(a) How will you do Convex Line (Horizontal Line) continuously without stopping with the practice of pencil, method of practicing Concave Lines for variation, different grade pencils like B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B and 6B how to make them will use. Describe and similarly (charcoal) practice.

(b) Complete knowledge of how to show Light (light), Middle (Madhyam), and Dark (deep) for Tone Building Process.

(c) Describe in detail the following:-

  • Use and types of engraving.
  • Lithography Dry Point, Mezzotint, Etchin

(4). In the field of painting and painting of the following western painters highlight Contribution:-

  • Italy :- Botticelli, Mantegna, Antonello Da- Messina, Filippino,Lippi
  • Germany :- Durer, Hobein the Younger
  • Netherland:- Bruegel the elder Van Dyke
  • France:- Clouet, Claude, Millet, Degas & Daumer

 (5). Essay writing :-

  • Shadangas of Indian painting
    • Characteristics of a good design.
    • Importance of lines in painting
    • Importance of painting in common life.
    • Importance of Abstraction in art.
    • Difference between folk art and painting.
    • Sanchi Stupa.
    • Emotional impact of colors on human life.
    • Naturalistic (Natural) and Realistic Art (Concrete Art)

(6). Difference between visual and performing art. Method of testing a composition.

(7). Information about Op-Art (Op Art), Pop-Art (Pop Art) and Conceptual Art (Conceptual Art).


(1). Practice of Composition.

Madhyam :- Aqueous paint and oil paint.

(2). Ability to draw pictures on the following topics.

  • Contaminated environment.
    • Agriculture .
    • Adult education.
    • Literacy
    • Social work .
    • Folk art depiction in the culture of different states of India.


(A) Printing Design (Printing Design) – Sarees, Curtains and Bed Sheet .

(B) Panel Design (Panel Design) – Hotel, Library, Public Hall, Bus Stand and Railway Station.

(4). Life Drawing (Life Study)

Practice of making Life Study with the help of the model sitting in front.

Size – Full Sheet

Madhyam: Water color and oil paint.

Note: – The syllabus of previous years will be combined.