Painting Chitra Visharad Final Syllabus In English Pracheen Kala Kendra

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Painting Chitra Visharad Final Syllabus In English  


Exam marks

Total Marks – 300

Theory- 100

First Paper – 50

Second Paper  – 50

Practical – 200


First Paper

(1). Modern period.

(2) Art movement at various places in Europe in the 19th century

(3). East-Western painting and modern painting .

Detailed description of the main difference in the art form of different styles.

(4) Religion and painting, place of painting under royal patronage.

(5). 18th century painters:- Rococo, Blake, Chardin,

Gainsbrough, Hograth.

(6).17th century painters :- Poussin, Rembrandt, Varmeer, Franshals, El-greco, Berhani.

(7). Michelangelo’s role and contribution in painting.

(8).Detailed study:- Surrealism ,Cubism , and Futurism their art style and introduction of artists.

Second Paper

(1). Development of painting from history to modern times in different countries.

(2). Fine arts and folk arts.

(3). Nandlal Bose and his contribution in the field of painting

Origin and development of oil painting

(5). Detailed description of Kangra valley painting, painting of Ajanta caves, painting of Egypt, painting of China.

(6).Definitive words: Balance, Shape, Space, Texture, Mosaic, Mudra, Realism, Perspective, Direction ).

(7) Beauty based on ancient scriptures

Ability to describe beauty.

(8). Architecture of the Mughal period

(9). Comparative study in western art and modern art.


(1).Portrait Painting

The practice of drawing a person in front of a person based on anatomy (Anatomy Study) through pencil.

Madhyam :- Poster and Water Color

(2). Practice of making sub time place.

Madhyam:- Water Color

(3). Composition

Realistic and Abstract

(4). Letter Writing and Layouts Study of simple letter writing Letter headset and Monograms Layouts

Note:-(1). The student has to prepare at least 5 sheets on any subject.

(2).The syllabus of previous years will be combined.