Painting Chitra Bhushan Part 2 Syllabus In English Pracheen Kala Kendra

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Painting Chitra Bhushan Part 2 Syllabus In English


Exam Marks

Total Marks – 250

Theory – 50

Practical – 200



(1). Brief history of art and painting.

(2). Detailed knowledge of how painting developed in the Renaissance Period.

(3). Who were Leonard-Da-Vinci and Michael Angelo, their contribution in the field of painting and painting.

(4). What are the rules of Perspective, how it is used in drawing and painting.

(5). Describe the following in your own words.

  • Nature Study
  • Still Life
  • Landscape
  • Line Drawing
  • Sketch- ing
  • Design

(6). Painting of China.

(7). Greek painting Classical and Hellenistic period.

(8). Painting of Rome.

(9). Aesthetics.

  • Shadangas of Indian painting
  • Theories related to Rasa and Creativity
  • Aesthetic Judgment

(10). Description of Gupta period Ajanta, Sittanvasal, Elora, Elephanta Gupt

(11). The art of Jain period.

(12). Rajasthani Art.

(d) Short notes: Intuition, Beauty, Religion, Morality, Sculpture, Miniature.


(1). Still life composition based on round and straight subject matter, including flowers and circles.

Madhyam:- Pastel and Water Colour.

(2).Designs:-Geomatrical form ,Triangle _Circles (Circle), Squares and Rectangles etc.

(3). Study of colors: – The Color Wheel, (Properties of colors) Nature of colors: – Value ,Hue ,Intensity

(4). Tints ,Tones and Shades in each color.

(5).Land Scape – Sketching  and Coloring through nature On the spot Landscaping

Madhyam :- Water/Poster Colours.

(6). Knowledge of Madhubani painting.

Note – The syllabus of previous years will be combined.