Painting Chitra Bhushan Part 1 Syllabus In English Pracheen Kala Kendra

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Painting Chitra Bhushan Part 1 Syllabus In English


Exam Marks

Total Marks – 250

Theory – 50

Practical – 200


(1). Describe how colors are identified in nature.

(2) Complete knowledge of the names of different colors which are seen in nature every day.

(3). What is Prespective, description with various examples.


  • What is called Eye Level, how can you use it in your drawing.
  • What is Horizon (Kshitiya), what is seen face to face in life, explanation with examples.
  • Detailed description of Vanishing Point, Fore Ground, Middle Ground & Back Ground.
  • Explaining in detail Force, Free hand and Rhythm, how it is used in painting.
  • Information about early man’s cave painting and complete knowledge of how he used to do it.

(5). Scope of art in present day India.

(6).Brief History of Indian Art:- Pre-Historic Period, Indus Valley Civilization Civilization, Maurya Period, Sunga Period Kushan Period and (2) Gandhara Period. Patna and Company Art.

(7).Comment on – Mosaic, Aesthetics, Composition, Mudra, Moral, Beauty.


(1). Practice of Line Drawing and Free hand Drawing.

(2). Practice of Free hand Drawing while sketching.

(3). Practice of how to use Perspective in your drawing.

(4) In 1/4 drawing sheet, with the help of two or three colours, make four designs through Ornamental and Geometrical.

Madhyam:- Poster Colours.

(5). Creating solidity from painting, natural subject matter, Mass Volume and Proportion ,Light , Line and Dark through an object.

Madhyam :-Pencil Shading, Water Colors Oil Colors

(6) Letter writing in “5 x 3” centimeters in English language only. (Letter writing)

Madhyam :-Ink Pen / Poster Colours.

(7). Ornamental and Geometrical designs (Design 1/4 Sheet) Use any two or three colors.

(8). Knowledge of making Alpana.

Note – The syllabus of previous years will be combined.