Description of Raag Bhimplasi in english

raag-bhimplasi notes in english
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Brief introduction of Raag Bhimplasi description in english in indian classical music is decribed in this post of Onlinesangeet.

Instructions – 

(1) Some of the music terms in roman english.

(2) Vikrit swar – Komal swar are written in ( re ga dha ni ) in this manner ,  Teevra swar is written ( Ma(t) ) in this manner.

(3) Main Music swar or shudha swars are written in (Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa*) in this manner.

(4)  In indain classical music Sa is shadaj , Re is rishabh , Ga is gandhar , Ma is madhyam , Pa is pancham , Dha is dhewat , Ni is Nishad

Raag  Bhimplasi

Jab kaphi ke mel me, aarohan Re dha tyag.

Tritiya prahar din ga ni komal, manat masa samvad.

Description of Raag Bhimplasi –

Thaat – Kaphi

Varjit swar – re and dha

Vadi – samvadi swar-  Ma and Sa.

Jati – Audav – sampoorn

Gayan samay- din ka tisra prahar

Aaroh – ni Sa ga Ma, Pa, ni Sa*.

Avaroh – Sa* ni Dha Pa, Ma Pa ga Ma, ga Re Sa.

Pakad – ni Sa Ma, Ma Pa ga Ma, ga Re Sa.

Important Notes:-

  1. The association of Sa Ma and Pa ga is show again and again in this raag.
  2. Mostly Sa is used with ni and Ma is used with ga with meend.
  3. Bada khyal, dhrupad, dhamar, chhota khyal, tarana etc sang in this.
  4. Some singer used shudh ni in this. But remember it’s use is not necessary. Precautions is need during its use otherwise shadow of patdip raag will come.
  5. Raag patdip is created from use of shudh ni at place of soft ni in bheempalasi raag.

Swar of nyas – Sa, ga, Pa and Ma.

Isotype raag – Bageshwari

Bheempalasi – Sa, ni Sa Ma, Ma Pa ga Ma, ga Re Sa.

Bageshwari – Sa Dha ni Sa Ma, ga Ma Dha, Ma Pa Dha ga, Ma ga Re Sa.

Description of  Raag Bhimplasi  in english is described in this post.

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