Emani Sankara Sastry Biography In English Life Story – 1922 – 1987

Emani Sankara Sastry Biography In English
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  • Imani Shankar Shastri was a famous veena player of Carnatic music. Imani gave concerts all over India. His participation in East-West Music Festivals, Tansen Utsav, Vishnu Digambar Utsav and other prestigious music conferences brought him glory in the field of music.

Emani Sankara Sastry Biography In English

Birth Details –

Place– Draksharamam, India

Date of Birth – 23 September 1922

Marital Status- Married

Nationality – Indian

Family –

Father – Acharya Imani Achyutram Shastri

Daughter – Imani Kalyani Lakshminarayan

Early Life –

  • Imani Shankar Sastri was born on 23 September 1922 in Draksharamam, India. He came from a family of famous classical musicians.
  • His father Vainika Bhushan Veena Acharya Imani Achyutrama Sastri, a famous Vainika and Sastri, was a contemporary of Sangameshwara Sastri of Andhra and Veena Venkata Romania Das.
  • The prodigious training he received under his father from a young age was reflected in abundance in his melodious, melodious and technique-filled concerts. His beautiful playing on the veena in a completely traditional style inspired reverence.
  • After completing his education from Andhra University, he joined the famous Gemini Studios, Madras, where he was the music director for more than ten years.


  • Imani joined All India Radio in 1959 as a music producer in Madras. He soon rose to the position of director and composer of the national orchestra and chief producer of music.
  • He presented many classical, thematic orchestral compositions and folk tunes on the broadcast networks, bringing out the special tonal qualities of Indian instruments and synthesizing musical patterns with a distinct Imani touch. Imani was also associated with cultural and educational organizations.
  • He was the Asthan Vidwan (court musician) of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam, a member of the University Grants Committee advising on music and a member of the expert committee at the Madras Music Academy.
  • Imani introduced many emerging young singers to the music world. Prominent among them was playback singer P.B. Srinivas later made his mark as a singer in Tamil, Kannada and Telugu films.
  • He won the admiration of the world-renowned violinist Yehudi Menuhin and at his special invitation he participated in the Festival of the International Music Council in Paris on 8 January 1974.
  • His daughter Imani Kalyani Lakshminarayana, who is a regular artiste for Doordarshan and All India Radio, has been performing in India as well as abroad.
  • Other disciples of Imani are –

1. V. Saraswati

2. M.Y. Kama Shastri

3. S. N. Satyamurthy

4. S.N. Ramachandran

5. Viswanathan

6. Palagummi Viswanatham

His Major Monumental Works In Orchestration:

1. Adarsha Shikhaarohanam – An orchestral composition based on the theme of the conquest of Everest in which he used six veenas. This force proved to be a unique experience for lovers of creative music and for others it opened new doors to musical expression.

2. Swara Tarangini – An orchestral composition in which he used several sounds which gradually turn into musical notes indicating the origin of sound and music.

3. Ragam Thanam Pallavi – An orchestral composition based on the classical raga Todi. This was the first experiment of its kind in classical music which won the appreciation of musicians and listeners.

4. Indu – A composition based on the first six ragas of the first cycle of the Melakarta scheme of the great Venkatamakhin.

5. Bharat Jyoti – A thematic musical composition on late Pandit Nehru and his achievements.

6. Soumya Purush – A musical composition on the ideals of late Mahatma Gandhi.

7. Bramara Vinyasa – a thematic composition depicting a day in the life of a bee, which won him praise at the Prix Italia.

Award –

  • Title of Maha Mahopadhyay
  • Sangeet Natak Akademi Award
  • Sahitya Kala Parishad Award
  • Padma Shri
  • Asian Rostrum Awards
  • The title of “Vina Virtuoso”

Other Information –

  • Date of death-1987

When and where was Imani Shankar Shastri born?

Imani Shankar Shastri was born on 23 September 1922 in Draksharamam, India.

What was the name of Imani Shankar Shastri’s father?

Imani Shankar Shastri’s father’s name was Acharya Imani Achyutram Shastri.

What was the name of Imani Shankar Shastri’s daughter?

Imani Shankar Shastri’s daughter’s name was Imani Kalyani Laxminarayan.

Imani Shankar Shastri was honored with which award?

Imani Shankar Shastri was awarded the title of Maha Mahopadhyay, Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, Sahitya Kala Parishad Award, Padma Shri, Asian Rostrum Award, “Vina Virtuoso”.

When did Imani Shankar Shastri die?

Imani Shankar Shastri died in 1987.

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