Thumri in Music in English Notes Indian Singing Type

Thumri In Music In English
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Thumri In Music In English Indian Singing Types (Sa , Re , Ga , Ma ) is decribed in this post of Online sangeet. Learn Harmonium Keyboard Piano Flute Violin Banjo Sitar Hawaiian guitar Veena Sarod Mouth Organ Jal Tarang

Thumri In Music In English

Thumri –

• Thumri – This is the type of song in which more importance is given to the emotion and beauty than the purity of the raga. Its nature is agile and quick. Therefore it is sung in such playful ragas as Khamaj, Desh, Tilak, Kamod, Tilang, Peelu, Kafi, Bhairavi, Jhijhoti, Jogia etc. Deepchandi or Jataal is played with it.

• In this the words are less and the expressions of the words are expressed by different vowel groups.

• Thumri shringaar is rasa predominant. There is a special use of mean and particle in this. While coming from Antara to permanent, Kaharwa comes into the rhythm and makes different types of beautiful words. After some time, they come back to the previous contract and rhythm.

• Thumri singing is suitable for those people whose throat is sweet and agile. The thumris of Banaras, Lucknow, Punjab are particularly famous.

• There is another type of thumri which is word and rhythm predominant. Its words are metaphorical. Such as Chhaya, Chhata, Taarse Larje, Jiya Piya Bina etc.

• Some thumri taal are miraculous which sounds like Teen taal in hearing, but in reality they remain in jhaptal or ektaal. It is made only for fighting with tablas.

• Estimate the culmination of the agony of separation in this thumri of Banaras.

• Permanent- Do not speak the papiha pi’s dialect.

• Antar-hear will be able to hear some dissatisfaction will give wings to twitch.

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Thumri In Music In English is decribed in this post of Onlinesangeet. Accurate sargam notes in english of hindi songs from original scale are available on Onlinesangeet.

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