Tabla & Pakhawaj Sangeet Bhushan Part 1 Syllabus In English Pracheen Kala Kendra

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Tabla & Pakhawaj Sangeet Bhushan Part 1 Syllabus In English

Tabla & Pakhawaj

Exam Marks





(1).Knowledge of the following technical terms- Lay and its three types (Vilambit, Madhya, Drut) Matra, Taal, Vibhag, Sam, Tali, Khali, Arvatan, Theka, Thah, Dugun, Kaida, Rela.

(2). General knowledge of the origin of tabla and description of right and left parts.

(3). Description of which words are produced by striking at which places on the right and left of the tabla and Pakhawaj.

(4). Practice of writing Theka of taal groups prescribed in this year in Thah, Dugun and Chaugun laykari.

(5). Knowledge of the origin of your instrument and its parts.

(6). Knowledge of Bhatkhande Swar lipi paddahti.

(7). Life introduction of Mr. Gopal Nayak and Amir Khusro.

(8).Knowledge of writing taals of Tukda, Tihai of Paran in taals prescribed in the syllabus.


(1). Practice of recitation in lay with the help of clapping tali on hands from one to sixteen matras.

(2). Practice of playing the Theka of Tritaal, Jhaptaal, Keharwa, Dadra and Chartaal in Thah and Dugun lay.

(3). Practice of playing Kaida four Palta, two Mukhda, three Tukda, three Tihai in Tritaal and three simple Tukda, two Kaida , two Mukhda and three Tihai in Jhaptaal.

(4). Practice of starting tabla playing by explaining the Sam between Gat and Geet.

(5). Practice of playing Paran, three Tukda, one Rela and three Tihai in Sool, Chartaal and Teevra Taal on Parakhawaj.

(6). Practice of playing five Laggi in Dadra, Keharwa taal.

(7).It is mandatory for the students of tabla to have knowledge of taals of pakhawaj.

(8). Information about the present eminent Tabla and Pakhawaj players.

(9). Ability to play the taals of the course in different tunings on your instrument.

Note – Pre-rain syllabus will be combined.

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