Shyama Shastri Biography In English Life Story 1762-1827

Shyama Shastri Biography
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Shyama Shastri was a musician and composer of Carnatic music. He was the oldest Daraz in the triumvirate of Carnatic music, Tyagaraja and Muthuswamy Mitra being the other two.

Shyama Shastri Biography In English

Birth Details –

Place– Thiruvur, Template

Date of Birth – 26 April 1762


Early Life –

  • Shyama Shastri, birth name Venkata Subramaniam, was born on 26 April 1762 in an aristocratic Brahmin family.
  • He was also known as one of the trinity of Carnatic music. In later generations, he is known by his adopted name Shyama Shastri or his musical posture (signature) Shyama Krishna.
  • He was born in Tiruvarur, in what is now Tamil Nadu state. He received early education in the Vedas, astrology and other traditional subjects and learned music from his maternal uncle. He was later trained in music by Adiyappayya, the famous court musician of Thanjavur.


  • Although Shyam Shastri did not compose as many works as his two prolific contemporaries, his works are still famous because of the literary, melodic and rhythmic proficiency seen in them. It is said that he composed about three hundred works in total.
  • There are many works in his name in Tamil also. Most of his creations please Goddess Kamakshi.
  • He composed Kritis, Varnas and Swarajati with Ankit or Mudra (Signature) Shyam Krishna. He was probably the first to compose in a new form of Swarajati musical style, where compositions could be presented only in vocal or instrumental manner. Before this, Swarajati was primarily a dance form, and was closer to the dance varnam (padavarna) in structure.
  • His set of three famous Swarajatis are intended to be sung in concert rather than for dance, and are sometimes called “Ratnatrayam” (Three Jewels). They are Kamakshi Anudinamu, Kamakshi Padayugame, and Raave Himgiri Kumari, which are composed in ragas Bhairavi, Yadukula Kambhoji, and Todi, respectively.
  • The first two are set on Mishra Kapu Tada, while the third is set on Adi Tada. He is known for his ability to compose in the most complex taans.

Other Information –

  • Date of death -1827

What is the place and date of birth of Shyama Shastri?

Shyama Shastri was born on 26 April 1762 in Tiruvarur, Tamil Nadu.

When did Shyama Shastri die?

Shyama Shastri died in 1827.

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