Nishat Khan Biography In English Life Story – 1960

Nishat Khan Biography In English
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  • Nishat Khan is an Indian sitar player coming from a distinguished musical family and one of the leading sitar players of his generation.
  • As a composer and music producer he has collaborated with some of the world’s leading composers such as Paco Pena, John McLaughlin, Philip Glass and Evelyn Glennie.
  • His sitar concerto “Gate of the Moon” premiered at the Royal Albert Hall in 2013 with the BBC National Orchestra for the Proms.

Nishat Khan Biography In English       

Birth Details –

Place – Kolkata, India

Date of Birth – 25 October 1960

Nationality – Indian

Family –

Father – Imrat Khan

Early Life-

  • Khan was born in 1960 in Kolkata, India. He is the son of Imrat Khan and nephew of Vilayat Khan, who comes from a family of pioneers of instrumental music in the North Indian classical tradition, Etawah Gharana.
  • Along with seven generations of sitar and surbahar players, he directly influenced the development of the sitar till today.
  • Nishat Khan started playing sitar at the age of 3 and gave her first concert in Kolkata at the age of 7.
  • He even dropped out of school to play the sitar, and his father agreed to allow him to play the sitar.
  • Of course he attended a lot of concerts, as his family always had visiting musicians and friends and when he returned home, he would start analyzing what he heard and “talim” (training) .


  • Khan’s first international concert was in London in 1977, when he performed in the front row at the Queen Elizabeth Hall with his father Imrat Khan along with the subcontinent’s eminent musicians Ravi Shankar and Salamat Ali Khan.
  • He established an international career by touring extensively and collaborating with world-class artists such as John McLaughlin, Philip Glass, Paco Peña, Evelyn Glennie and Django Bates.
  • She first performed the song live in Italy in 1986 in a duet with John McLaughlin, who later featured her on his 1993 album The Promise.
  • With Philip Glass, he performed a comparative performance with the opera and Nishat’s Raga Germany in 1993.
  • In early 2000, Nishat began a unique collaboration with Paco Pena featuring flamenco and sitar, leading to several tours in the UK and Europe as part of his group Spirit End.
  • Khan also composed and recorded Weezer’s rock song Love Is the Answer in 2009, playing sitar and vocals.

Versatility In Music-

  • Son and disciple of Imrat Khan, Nishat stands at the threshold of the future of the sitar and Indian music with his uniquely invigorating, contemporary approach.
  • He draws from his musical heritage as well, incorporating diverse styles such as Western classical music, jazz, flamenco and Gregorian chant.
  • He composed the music for the album “Jaan Meri” with singer Anuradha Palakurthi, the title track of which won the 2019 Song of the Year, Independent Music category award at the prestigious Radio Mirchi Music Awards, the Indian equivalent of the Grammys.

When and where was Nishat Khan born?

Nishat Khan was born on 25 October 1960 in Kolkata, India.

What was the name of Nishat Khan’s father?

Nishat Khan’s father’s name was Imrat Khan.

What was the name of Nishat Khan’s teacher?

The name of Nishat Khan’s teacher was Imrat Khan.

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