Lachhu Maharaj Biography In English Pdf Life Story 1901-1978

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  • Pandit Bajinath Prasad, Also Known As Pandit Lachhu Maharaj, Was An Indian Classical Dancer And Choreographer Of Kathak Dance.
  • He Comes From A Family Of Illustrious Kathak Exponents In Lucknow, And Also Worked As A Film Choreographer, Hindi Cinema, Notably Mughal-E-Azam (1960) And Pakeezah (1972).

Birth Details –

  • Place- Lucknow
  • Date Of Birth – 1901
  • Nationality -Indian

Family –

  • Brother – Shambhum Maharaj, Achhan Maharaj
  • Teachers – Bindadin Maharaj, Achhan Maharaj

Early Life And Training

  • Lachhu Maharaj Was The Representative Of The Lucknow Gharana And The Elder Brother Of Shambhumaharaj.
  • His Real Name Was Baijnath Prasad. He Was Born As Kalika Prasad In 1901 In A Musical Family.
  • He Received Dance Lessons From His Father And Uncle Bindadin Maharaj And His Elder Brother Achhan Maharaj.
  • Lachhu Maharaj Was Considered The Jewel Of The Lucknow Gharana. He Was Born In Lucknow And Spent His Childhood There.
  • When He Gave His First Program In Lucknow, From That Time His Whole Future Was Expected. After Some Time’s Practice, He Became A Renowned Artist.
  • He Received Extensive Training From Pandit Bindadin Maharaj, His Uncle And The Court Dancer Of The Nawab Of Awadh, For About Ten Years. She Also Learned Pakhawaj, Tabla And Hindustani Classical Singing.


  • Later, He Moved To Mumbai, Where The Emerging Film Industry Helped Him Take Kathak To A Wider Audience.
  • To Lachhu Maharaj –
  • Mahal (1949)
  • Mughal-E-Azam (1960)
  • Little Things (1965)
  • Pakeezah (1972)
  • As Well As Choreography Of Dance Sequences In Films Like Gautam Buddha, Chandravali And Indian Farmer.
  • He Was Also The Founder Director Of The Kathak Center Started By The Government Of Uttar Pradesh In Lucknow.

Awards –

  • 1957 – Sangeet Natak Akademi Award

Other Information –

  • Date Of Death – 1978
  • Place – Mengai, Lucknow

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Where And When Was Lachhu Maharaj Born?

Lachhu Maharaj Was Born In Lucknow In 1901.

Who Was The Teacher Of Lachhu Maharaj?

Lachhu Maharaj teacher ‘s Bindadin Maharaj Was Achhan Maharaj.

What Was The Name Of Lachhu Maharaj’s Brother?

Lachhu Maharaj’s Brother’s Name Is Shambhumaharaj, Achchhan Maharajtha.

What Was The Real Name Of Lachhu Maharaj?

The Real Name Of Lachhu Maharaj Was Baijnath Prasad.

Which Awards Did Lachhu Maharaj Get?

Lachhu Maharaj Was Honored With The Sangeet Natak Akademi.

When And Where Did Lachhu Maharaj Die?

Lachhu Maharaj Died In 1978 At Mengai, Lucknow.