Karamat Khan Biography In English Pdf Life Story 1618-1677

Karamat Khan Biography
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Birth Details –

Place – Rampur

date of birth – 1618

Nationality – Indian


Father- Masit Khan

Teacher – Masit Khan

Early Life –

  • Ustad Karamat Khan, son of the famous Khalifa Masit Khan of the Farrukhabad Gharana, was born in Rampur around 1918.
  • Since childhood, you started getting the education of tabla from your father, that’s why you started playing tabla well from adolescence.
  • For many years you were working in Calcutta station of All India Radio.
  • You had great respect in Bengal. You used to be invited to play tabla in all the good music conferences of India.
  • You were very adept in association with all the three in singing, playing and dancing. You were serious and reclusive by nature. He did not like to speak more than necessary.
  • Your nature was clearly visible in your playing. While doing accompaniment, you used to play keeping in mind the mood of the artist.
  • That’s why even if your tabla is not praised, but the artist’s program was definitely frozen. You were adept at both solo and accompaniment


  • Ustad Karamtullah was one of the greatest players of the Farrukhabad gharana in recorded history.
  • Nothing was found except for a small fragment of his father, Ustad Masit Khan, who was known as an early popularizer of the Farrukhabad gharana in West Bengal. ,
  • Late Ustad Masit Khan, was a unique tabla player of his time and performed with practically all top musicians like Ustad Faiyaz Khan Sahab, Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan, Ustad Inayat Hussain Khan and Ustad Wazir Khan.

Awards –

  • Sangeet natak academy

other information –

  • Date of death – December 3, 1677
  • Place – Calcutta

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Where and when was Karamat Khan born?

Karamat Khan was born in 1618 in Rampur state.

What was the name of Karamat Khan’s father?

Karamat Khan’s father’s name was Masit Khan.

Which awards did Karamat Khan get?

Karamat Khan was honored with the Sangeet Natak Akademi.

When did Karamat Khan die?

Karamat Khan died on December 3, 1677 in Calcutta