Deepak Raag Music Notes In English

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Deepak raag is one of the various musical styles prevalent in Indian culture.When Tansen reached his peak, he was included in Akbar’s Navratnas. Emperor Akbar became such a fan of Tansen’s music that he started obeying everything he said. Seeing such an effect of Tansen on the emperor, other court singers became envious. one day burners made a plan for the destruction of Tansen. All of them requested Emperor Akbar to get Tansen to sing ‘Deepak’ raag. Akbar was told that none other than Tansen could sing this raag properly. The emperor agreed, and ordered Tansen to sing Deepak Raag. Tansen refused to sing this raag citing its harmful consequences, yet Akbar’s stubbornness did not go away, and Tansen had to sing Deepak raag. Deepak burns with melody Ute Tansen bhi As soon as the raag started, the heat increased and gradually the atmosphere became fiery. The listeners hid here and there to save their lives, but Tansen’s body was engulfed in flames. In such condition, Tansen ran to his home, where his daughters saved his life by singing Megh Malhar. After several months of this incident, Tansen’s body recovered. There was fever inside the body. Eventually the fever resurfaced, and in February 1586 it was this fever that claimed his life.

Deepak Raag Question Answer-

Who went to Deepak Raag?

Deepak Raag was sung by Tansen.

Why did Tansen go to Deepak Raag?

Tansen went to Deepak Raag because of Akbar.

Who saved Tansen’s life?

Tansen’s life was saved by his daughters by singing Megh Malhar raag