Introduction And Use Of Tungdarbong Musical Instrument In English

Tungdarbong Musical Instrument
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Introduction and use of Tungdarbong Musical Instrument


  • Tungdarbong is a percussion instrument made of softwood, goat skin and leather. This traditional instrument is found in Sikkim.
  • A small double faced cylindrical shaped drum made of locally available soft wood. Both faces are covered with goat skin and laced with leather straps. It is hung around the neck and played with both hands.


  • Used in Tantric rituals of Sikkim.


  • Softwood, goatskin, leather

Tungdarbong Question Answer

Tungdarbong is played in which state?

Tungdarbong is played in the state of Sikkim.

Tungdarbong is made of which metal?

Tungdarbong is used in the Tantric rituals of Sikkim.

How to use Tungdarbong?

Tungadarbong is mainly used in folk and traditional music, especially in instruments called ‘periya melam’, a double-reed wind instrument, to the accompaniment of nagaswaram.

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