Tanmay Bose Biography In English Life Story 1963

Tanmay Bose Biography In English
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  • Tanmay Bose, often prefixed with the title Pandit, is an Indian percussionist and tabla player, music producer, film actor and composer.
  • He has collaborated with Pandit Ravi Shankar, Anushka Shankar and Amjad Ali Khan and formed the musical group The Taal Tantra Experience in 2002.

Tanmay Bose Biography In English

Birth Details –

Place – Kolkata

Date of Birth – 23 August 1963

Marital Status: Married


Family –

Wife – Bonya Bose

Son – Shiladitya Bose, Aryaditya Bose

Education – Graduation

Teachers – Maharaj Banerjee, Pandit Mantu Banerjee, Pandit Kanai Dutta

Early Life –

  • Tanmay Bose was born and raised in Kolkata, and attended South Point High School and later graduated from Scottish Church College.
  • His musical education began at the age of seven, he learned vocal music from Pandit (teacher) Maharaj Banerjee, learned harmonium from Pandit Mantu Banerjee, and later learned tabla.
  • His training in the traditional Guru Shishya tradition began with Pandit Kanai Datta, after whose death Tanmay became the Gandaband Shagird (disciple) of Pandit Shankar Ghosh.

Career –

  • Tanmay Bose is a leading classical musician in the global percussion fraternity. He received his early education from the great Pandit Kanai Dutta.
  • Bose became Gandabandha’s disciple under Pandit Shankar Ghosh. Over the years, through his association with Pandit Ravi Shankar and Amjad Ali Khan, his brainchild, Taltantra has emerged as a leading world music band that regularly performs in the Middle-East, North America, Europe and India. Mesmerizing the audience.
  • Jazz, Indian classical music, folk music and indigenous drumming. The name symbolizes “sadhana” or worship through rhythm.
  • Bose was also a researcher and musician. He has created Dhvani, Beyond Limits, Talyagya, Chaturanga and Moksha based on the virtuosity of Indian rhythmic nuances. He has also been a television presenter.
  • He has some shows where he interacts with well-known musicians, film directors, actors and dancers.
  • His Drumz Dreamz project and Hridamjhare are becoming popular where it replicates the concept of community drumming and indigenous music respectively.


  • Music Honors
  • Alpha Bangla Music Award
  • South Point Golden Jubilee

When and where was Tanmay Bose born?

Tanmay Bose was born on 23 August 1963 in Kolkata.

What is the name of Tanmay Bose’s son?

The name of Tanmay Bose’s son is Shiladitya Bose, Aryaditya Bose.

What is the name of Tanmay Bose’s wife?

Tanmay Bose’s wife’s name is Bonya Bose.

What was the name of Tanmay Bose’s teacher?

The names of Tanmay Bose’s teachers were Maharaj Banerjee, Pandit Mantu Banerjee, Pandit Kanai Dutta.

Tanmay Bose was honored with which award?

Tanmay Bose was honored with Sangeet Samman, Alpha Bangla Sangeet Award, South Point Golden Jubilee Award.

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