Tabla Senior Diploma 5th Year Syllabus In English Prayag Sangeet Samiti      

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Tabla Senior Diploma 5th Year Syllabus In English


Exam Marks

Total Marks- 100


Practical- 50     


(1).Proficiency in lay knowledge. Proper practice of playing different taals on tabla in Ati Vilambit, Madhya, Drut lay with Geet, Gat and Lehra. Knowledge of some difficult laykari and tali them like- 5 matra in 4 matra (Sawagun), 3 matra in 4 matra (Paungun), Aad, Kuad, Biad. Expertise in combine tabla.

(2). Special preparation in taals of previous years on tabla or pakhawaj and ability to play them svatantra vadan (solo) with beauty.

(3). Mridang (Pakhawaj) for the students of Tabla and the knowledge of keeping hands on the Tabla for the students of Mridang.

(4).Knowledge of accompaniment to popular vocal and instrumental styles.


(1).Writing the theka of all the taals of the syllabus in all the laykari. Complete knowledge of writing piece, Paran etc. in Taal lipi.

(2).Knowledge of making new pieces etc. of different quantities and finding out the starting position of various laykari by mathematics.     

(3). Definition and Explanation- Kuad, Biad, Farmaishi Bandishen (Compositions), Lom-Vilom, Sawagun, Paungun etc. Southern (Carnatic) Taal, study of Taal paddhati. Various Avandha instruments and their brief introduction. Comparative study and history of Tabla and Mridang.

  (4).  Explanation of Taal, Alap, Jod, Jhala and Dhrupad, Dhamar, Khayal, Tappa, Thumri, Instrument and their types (Masitkhani and Razakhani).  

(5).Comparative study of Samapadi and Visamapadi lay.

(6).Comparative study of popular taal-lipi paddhati.

(7).Comparative study of taal of equal matra.

(8).Ability to write essay on general topics related to Lay, Taal, Avandha Vadya and other music.