Introduction And Use Of Surya Pirai Musical Instrument In English

Surya Pirai Musical Instrument
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Introduction and use of Surya Pirai Musical Instrument


  • Surya Pirai is a tabla instrument made of iron and parchment. This temple instrument is found in Tamil Nadu. A circular iron rim is attached to a bent iron bar by a short iron rod.
  • One side is covered with skin. The folded part is played with two sticks strapped to the forehead of the player, with the pair being called ‘chandra pirai’.


  • Mainly used in ‘Mariamman’ temples in South India temples.


  • iron, parchment

Surya Pirai’s Question Answer –

In which state is Surya Pirai played?

Surya Pirai is played in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Surya Pirai is made of which metal?

Surya Pirai is a tabla instrument made of iron, parchment.

How to use Surya Pirai?

Surya Pirai is used in temples of South India mainly in ‘Mariamman’ temples.

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