Preveshika Pratham Tabla Pakhawaj Syllabus In English Gandharva Mahavidyalaya

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Preveshika Pratham Tabla Pakhawaj Syllabus In English

Tabla – Pakhawaj

Exam marks

Total Marks-75



Theory -15


(1).Definition of the following words –

  • Sangeet
  • Naad
  • Swar
  • Lay
  • Bol
  • Theka
  • Kisam
  • Qaida
  • Mukhda
  • Tihai
  • Tigun
  • Chaugun
  • Tukda.

(2).Ability to recitation Rupak / Teevra and Ektaal/Aditaal by clapping hands in equal and Dugun.

(3).Description of Tabla/Pakhawaj and its different parts.


(1).Ability to play Rupak/Tiwraa and Ektaal/Aditaal equally and in Dugun.

(2).Detail in the following Taals Tritaal: Two types, one Qaida of ‘Dhati’, and three palat, including Tihai, two Mukhada, two pieces. two Tihai. Pakhawaj: 2 Paran in Chautaal and Sooltaal, 1 Rela (with 4,4 paltos) and two, two-Tihai from even to even.

Ank Talika

(1).Playing course Theka in Dugun : 10 marks,

(2).Definition, reading by clapping on the theka of taal: 10 marks,

(3).Right-Left Description: 5 marks,

(4).Playing in Tritaal: 25 marks,

(5).Playing in Jhaptaal: 20 marks,

(6).General Effect: 5 marks

 Total=75 Marks


(1). Each student is given a time limit of 15 minutes.

(2).Students have to do all the playing with Lehra.

(3).Curriculum Pakhawaj for Pakhawaj.

Gandharva Mandal, Mumbai, Tabla Pakhawaj’s initial course