Kathak Junior Diploma 3rd Year Syllabus In English Prayag Sangeet Samiti

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Kathak Junior Diploma 3rd Year Syllabus In English


(Practical test of 100 marks and one question paper of Shastra for 50 marks. Previous year’s syllabus is also included.)


(1).In addition to the Thaats given in the previous course, 2 new Thaats, 1 Aamad, 1Salami, 5 difficult Toda, 1 Paran and 1 Chakkaradar  Paran, including 2 difficult Tatkar hand crafts in Teentaal. Taking out Tatkar with feet in Thah, Dugun, Tigun and Chaugun lay and practice of recitation by Tali on hands.

(2).In Jhaptaal, with 2 new Tatkar Palat and handstands, 1 Chakkaradar Toda, 2 hard Toda and 2 Tihai.

(3).In Ektaal, 2 Thaat, 1 Salami, 1 Aamad, 4 Tatkar with Hastak, 4 Toda and 2 Tihai.

(4).2 Tatkar and 2 Tode in Sooltaal.

(5).Gatbhav of 2 Ghunghat in Teentaal.

(6).Reciting Tevra, Chartaal, Sooltaal, and Dhamar taals in Thah, Dugun and Chaugun lay by clapping tali on hands and taking out the Tatkar of these Tatkar with feet in these three lay only.

(7).Two special lok dances.


(1).Knowledge of the following technical terms –

  • Paran, Chakkardar Paran, Mushti, Pataka, Tripataka, Mukutkaran, Rechak, Anghar, Upaang and Palta.
  • Origin of Dhwani, Kampan, Aandolan, properties of Naad, place of Naad, Swar, Chal and Achal swars, Shudha and Vikrit swars, octaves (Mandra, Madhya and Tar).

(2).Brief History of Lucknow and Jaipur Gharanas.

Brief life introduction of Acchan Maharaj and Jailal.

Knowledge of Bhatkhande and Vishnu Digambara system of calligraphy.

 (3).Complete introduction of Teevra, Chartaal, Aad Chartaal and Dhamar taal.

(4).Place of dance in Indian music.

(5).Complete introduction to Tabla and Pakhawaj.