Jagoi Dance In Manipuri Dance In English

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Introduction To Jagoi



  • Jagoi refers to the arts of dance in the Meitei culture.

Chukpharon Jagoi

  • “Chukpharon Jagoi” is a Sunmahist ritual dance performed by the maibis (priests) in the religious festival of Lai Haraoba to appease the lords of the four directions, Thangjing, Marjing, Wangbren and Kobru.
  • During the performance, Maby takes two Ekofus (pots) from the Lepubas, holding the Lenningthou Ekofu in the right hand and the Larembi Ekofu in the left.
  • The dance performance portrays the dance of Goddess Nongthang Lima, who protects the universe from destruction.

Khamba Thoibi Jagoi

  • Khamba Thoibi Jagoi is a folk dance originated from the ancient Moirang state of Manipur. It is performed by one male and one female participant, dedicated to Lord Thangjing, the presiding deity of ancient Moirang.
  • Khuman Khamba and Moirang Thoibi performing Khamba Thobi Jagoi in the compound of Ebudho Thangjing Temple at the Lai Haraoba festival in ancient Moirang.
  • It is believed that the dance was first performed by Khuman Khamba and Moirang Thoibi in the precincts of the deity.

Liching Jagoi

  • Liching Jagoi is a dance form performed by Maibi (priests) with langthrei between their fingers.
  • The sequence consists of various expressive motions where the spirit of the deity is invited to enter the body of each maibi.
  • It is an invocation dance in which Maibi stands with her hands together in a gesture symbolizing the union of women.
  • In this dance form, Maibi, after invoking the deities from the water, wakes up the Leitai Nongdai. This dance form is performed in front of the temple of the deities.

Laihou Jagoi

  • Laihou Jagoi literally, ‘dance of invitation’ or “dance of initiation” is a dance form performed by Maibi (priests) leading to a pond or river, in the religious festival of Lai Haraoba.
  • During the performance of the dance, the tune of the pena, a traditional instrument, is also reduced.

Leima Jagoi

  • Lima Jagoi is a dance form of the Meitei people of Manipur. It is decorated with the slow and gentle movements of the dancer. It is mainly performed in the religious festival of Lai Haraoba.
  • This dance form is traditionally performed by elite women in the presence of royalty. It is also performed by a group of village lishabis (girls) after the Hoi Lauba ceremony.
  • The Lima Jagoi dance form is developed with high level of artistic performance by Maiba (priest) and Maibi (priest). Thus, it can hardly be classified as a folk dance.

Leisem Jagoi

  • Leisem Jagoi is a dance form imitating the movements of the nine gods and seven goddesses that created the earth, followed by Laibou Jagoi, depicting creation.
  • The human body and various activities of man, such as weaving of cloth. The dance sequence is performed by the Ningol Macha (girls).
  • The six basic forms of dance are Leishem, Leitai, Nongdai, Lipekpa, Lihouba and Lipiba. It is one of the earliest dance forms of ancient Manipur, contributing to the classical wealth of the rich Manipur culture.

Maibi Jagoi

  • Maibi Jagoi or Maibi dance is a shamanic ritual dance performed by Maibi mostly during the Lai Haraoba ceremony for the forest deities of Manipur.
  • Maibism or Maibi culture is a prominent feature of Sunmahism. He is considered a medium between humans and spirits. A woman can become a Maibi at any time, at any age.
  • Being may depends on being chosen by the lay. Maibis are trained in dance, music chanting and complex ritual procedures.
  • Maibis’ spiritual companions are the male Maiba who were also trained in ancient lore, spirit, avatar, and psychoanalytic methods.

Panthobi Jagoi

  • Panthobi Jagoi is a couple dance, which portrays the romantic love affair between Nongpok Ningtho and Panthobi.
  • There are 14 hand gestures with physical movements. This is done in the religious festival of Lai Haraoba, which depicts the process of weaving.
  • As a dance, Marjing has been merged with Nongpok Ningthou. Nowadays, the dance form has been replaced by Khamba Thobi Jagoi.

Raas Jagoi

  • Manipuri classical dance, also known as Manipuri Ras Leela dance is one of the eight major Indian classical dance forms originating from the state of Manipur.

Thougal Jagoi

  • Thougal Jagoi or “Jagoi Ashangbi” is a Meitei traditional dance, performed by men and women accompanied by Maib. is (the priest) to invoke the gods.
  • This is done in the religious festival of Lai Haraoba. The performance lasts for half an hour, after which the “Hoi Louba” ceremony is held.

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