Creative Nritya Bhushan Part 1 Syllabus In English Pracheen Kala Kendra

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Creative Nritya Bhushan Part 1 Syllabus In English

Creative Nritya

Total Exam

Exam Marks

Total Marks-250




(1) Knowledge of Lasya, Tandav dance.

(2).Knowledge of taal used in Kathakali dance.

(3).Knowledge of Chali of Manipuri dance, Aadvu of Bharatnatyam and Tatkar of Kathak.

(4). What is Mukhabhinay?

(5). Introduction to Jhaptaal and Jhampak Taal.

(6). Biography of Shri Uday Shankar.


(1). Practice of moving  Lay and Chhand in Taal.

(2). Practice of four Pad Sanchalan of Kathakali dance.

(3). Ability to perform two types of  lok nirtya (Aachanlik Nirtya).

(4) Mudra Pradarshan  – practice of Pad Sanchalan including Mudra and display of gestures of different characters of the society.

(5).Ability to dance with the music of Vichitra Parijay written by Kavi Guru.

(6).Poet Nazrul’s knowledge of Swadesh Parijaya’s music and dance.

Note: – The syllabus of previous years will be combined.