Introduction And Construction Of Chimta Musical Instrument In English

Chimta Musical Instrument
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Introduction And Construction Of Chimta Musical Instrument


  • Chimta literally means tongs. Over time it has evolved from the permanent addition of small brass jingles to a traditional instrument of South Asia.
  • Chimta is a solid musical instrument made of iron and metal. It is a folk instrument found in Punjab. It is majorly used in folk, traditional and devotional music in North India. Especially in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.
  • This instrument is often used in popular Punjabi folk songs, Bhangra music and Sikh religious music known as Gurbani Kirtan.
  • A tong player is able to produce a strumming sound by striking the two sides of the tong simultaneously while holding the joint of the instrument with one hand.
  • Jingles are made of metal and thus produce a metallic sound and help in maintaining the tempo of the song. In bhangra music or at weddings it is often accompanied by dhol and bhangra dancers.

Construction And Design

  • Tongs consist of a long, flat piece of steel or iron that is sharp at both ends and bent in the middle.
  • A metal ring is attached near the fold, and jingles or rings are attached along the sides at regular intervals.
  • Sometimes there are seven pairs of jingles. The rings are pulled in a downward motion to produce the rattling sound.
  • Larger ringed tongs are used in rural festivals, while smaller ringed tongs are often used as accompaniment to bhangra dancers and singers of traditional Indian hymns.

Notable Player

  • Alam Lohar
  • Kamal Heer
  • Arif Lohar

Chimta Question Answer-

What metal is the tongs made of?

Chimta is made of iron and metal.

Chimta is used in which state?

Chimta is used in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

Name the famous Chimta players.

Famous players of Chimta are Alam Lohar, Kamal Heer, Arif Lohar.

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