Chanchalsas Malhar Raag Bandish 16 Matras Allap Taan Music Notes In English

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Chanchalsas Malhar raag in the association of ‘MaRe’ and ‘Ga Ga Ma Re, Sa’, this is how komal Gandhara is used. This raag is very rare.

Chanchalsas Malhar Raag

How To Read Sargam Notes –

  • “.” is used for Mandra saptak(Lower octave notes) .Pa
  • “*” is user for Taar Saptak (Higher Octave notes) Swars eg – Pa*
  • “(k)” small character is used for komal – ( Re(k) , Ga(k) , Dha(k) , Ni(k) )
  • Ma(t) here “(t)” is used for showing teevra swar Ma(t) .
  • “-” is used for Holdong the notes according to the Song.
  • Swars written “ReGa” in this manner means they are playing fast or two swars on one beat.
  • Ma(Ga) or (Ga)Ma Here Ga is Kan Swar or Sparsh Swar and Ma is Mool Swar. (You Can skip the kan swar if not understand how to play)
  • Swars written [ Ni(k)  Pa ] in this manner they are playing or singing in sliding mode means Meend acc to Indian music .
  • { NiSa*Re*Sa* Ni } here this braket {} is used for showing Khatka in which swars are playing fast .

common Chalan


Sa, ReMa, [ MaReSa ] , ReSa, Sa, .Ni(k)ReSa, .Ni(k).Pa.Pa, .Ma.Pa.Sa , .Ni(k)Sa, Re,


Ga(k)Ga(k)MaRe, Sa, MaPaSa*, Sa*, Ni(k)MaPa, Sa*, NiSa*, MaPa, Ni(k)Sa*, Re*Ni(k)Sa*, PaNi, MaPa, ReMa, SaRe, Sa ।