Abhishek Lahiri Biography In English Life Story – 1983

Abhishek Lahiri Biography In English
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  • Abhishek Lahiri is an Indian classical sarod player, who has received training in the three major gharanas of sarod, Shahjahanpur, Maihar Gharana and Senia Bangash, from his father and guru Pt. Alok Lahiri.

Abhishek Lahiri Biography In English

Birth Details –

Place– Howrah, West Bengal, India

Date of Birth – 24 September 1983

Marital Status- Married

Nationality – Indian

Family –

Father – Pt. Alok Lahiri

Mother – Kajal Lahiri

Wife – Somdutt Chatterjee

Teacher – Pt. Alok Lahiri

Early Life –

  • Abhishek started performing publicly at the early age of 11, although his first break at the national level was in 1997 when Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia invited him to play at the “Saath-Saath Mahotsav”.
  • That year he gave his first performance abroad at the “World Kinder Festival” in Holland, where he was named ‘Wonder Kid’, leading to performances in Europe, UK, USA, Canada, Sri Lanka, Japan Concerts took place in , Bangladesh and Singapore.
  • He performed as the first Indian along with his father Pandit Alok Lahiri at the European Parliament in France, Cannes World Music Festival and Canada Culture Day in Toronto.
  • In 2017, Abhishek was sent by ICCR, Ministry of Culture, Government of India as India’s cultural representative to Morocco and Cyprus.
  • Abhishek’s music album “Sparkling Sarod” received a nomination at GiMA in 2010 and in 2014, again his album “Mood of Puriya Kalyan” was nominated along with stalwarts of our country like Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pandit.

Award –

  • Global Indian Music Academy Awards
  • Enun Lund Reyes Memorial Award
  • President’s Award
  • National Pride Award
  • Ustad Afzalur Rahman Memorial Award
  • Sangeet Ratnakar
  • Jadubhatt Award


  • Sparkling Sarod
  • Mood of Puriya Kalyan
  • Genius of Sarod
  • Rhythm Redefined
  • Musical Sojourn
  • Parampara
  • Ionah Trio

When and where was Abhishek Lahiri born?

Abhishek Lahiri was born on 24 September 1983 in Howrah, West Bengal, India.

What was the name of Abhishek Lahiri’s father?

Abhishek Lahiri’s father’s name was Pt. Alok Lahiri.

What was the name of Abhishek Lahiri’s mother?

Abhishek Lahiri’s mother’s name was Kajal Lahiri.

What was the name of Abhishek Lahiri’s wife?

Abhishek Lahiri’s wife’s name was Somdutt Chatterjee.

What was the name of Abhishek Lahiri’s teacher?

The name of Abhishek Lahiri’s teacher was Pt. Alok Lahiri.

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