Bhajan Sopori Biography In English Life Story – 1948

Bhajan Sopori Biography In English
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  • Pandit Bhajan Sopori was an Indian musical instrument player. He was a Santoor player, which is an ancient musical instrument.

Bhajan Sopori Biography In Hindi

Birth Details –

Place – Srinagar, India

Date of Birth – 22 June 1948

Marital Status: Married

Nationality – Indian

Family –

Father – Shambhu Nath Sopori

Son – Abhay Rustam Sopori

Early Life –

  • Sopori was born Shambhu Nath Sopori on 22 June 1948 in a Kashmiri Pandit family in Srinagar.
  • Sopori hailed from Sopore in Baramulla district of Kashmir Valley and his lineage is linked to the ancient Santoor experts. He belonged to the Sufiana gharana of Indian classical music.
  • His family has been playing the Santoor for more than six generations. When he was 10, his first public performance was at a conference organized by Prayag Sangeet Samiti and Allahabad University.
  • Sopori was married and had two sons. His son Abhay Rustam Sopori is also a santoor player.

Career –

  • Sopori gave his first public performance in 1953 at the age of five. He received a master’s degree in Western classical music from the University of Washington and his grandfather S.C. Learned Hindustani from Sopori and father Shambhu Nath.
  • Sopori has taught music at Washington University, America. His performances have been telecast in India and watched by cultural associations there and by audiences in countries such as Belgium, Egypt, England, Germany, Norway, Syria and the United States.

Award –

  • 1992 – Sangeet Natak Akademi Award
  • 2004 – Padma Shri
  • 2009 – Baba Alauddin Khan Award
  • 2011- M N Mathur Award
  • 2011 – Lifetime Achievement Award

Other Information –

  • Date of death-2 June 2022
  • Place – Gurugram, Delhi, India

When and where was Bhajan Sopori born?

Bhajan Sopori was born on 22 June 1948 in Srinagar, India.

What was the name of Bhajan Sopori’s father?

Bhajan Sopori’s father’s name was Shambhu Nath Sopori.

What was the name of Bhajan Sopori’s son?

Bhajan Sopori’s son’s name was Abhay Rustam Sopori.

Which award was given to Bhajan Sopori?

Bhajan Sopori was honored with Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, Padma Shri, Baba Alauddin Khan Award, M.N. Mathur Award, Lifetime Achievement Award.

When and where did Bhajan Sopori die?

Bhajan Sopori died on 2 June 2022 in Gurugram, Delhi, India.