Bapu Padmanabha Biography In English Life Story 1978

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Bapu Padmanabha Biography In English

Birth Details –

Place– Harihar, Davangere District, Karnataka

Date of Birth – 18 November 1978

Nationality -Indian

Early Life –

  • Bapu Padmanabha, also known as Bapu Bansuri, is an Indian musician and composer who performs Hindustani classical music on his bansuri, a type of bamboo flute.
  • He was born on 18 November 1978 in Harihar which is in Davanagere district of Karnataka state in India.


  • After completing mechanical engineering at TACO Tata Automotive Components in Pune, Bapu left the job he had found. He quit after a year to devote himself full-time to a music career.
  • His first major performance was at the Osho Samadhi in September 2001 at the Osho Commune Meditation. This proved to be a turning point in his music career.

Musical Styles And Influences

  • Well versed in Hindustani classical music, chanting, new age, film scores, ambient music and world music, Bapu is known for composing music for the National Award winning film Allama and Bapu’s love for experimenting with mantra sounds.
  • Bapu used Carnatic, Hindustani and lounge music as tools of expression for Allama Prabhu’s words. Bapu’s soft and restrained musical style has varied albums for his attention.
  • A music cd Harihara, entitled Music by Bapu Padmanabha of Karnataka State, was released by the Government of India overseas to acquaint foreign cultural delegates with Indian classical music.

Movie Soundtrack

  • Bapu Padmanabha won the National Film Award for Best Music Direction for the film Allama Prabhu.
  • Bapu Yajman Enterprises, M.D. Srihari, L. Produced by Khode Khode Group and T.S. Composed the music for the film Allama Prabhu directed by Nagabharan.


  • National Film Awards

What is the birth place and date of birth of Bapu Padmanabh?

Bapu Padmanabha was born on 18 November 1978 in Harihar, Davangere district, Karnataka.

By what other name is Bapu Padmanabh known?

Bapu Padmanabha is known as Bapu Bansuri.

Bapu Padmanabha was honored for which film?

Bapu Padmanabha was awarded for the film Allama Prabhu.

Which award was given to Bapu Padmanabha?

Bapu Padmanabha was awarded the National Film Award.

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