Tansen Biography in English Pdf Life Story 1532 – 1585

Tansen Biography in English
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Tansen Biography in English Pdf Life Story Famous Songs is decribed in this post of Online sangeet. Read Old Indian Singers Lyrics Writers Music Composer Directors Biography .

Birth Details –

Place – Behat Village, Gwalior

Date of Birth – 1532

Marital Status: Married

Tansen Life Story in English Pdf

Tansen Biography In English

Family –

Father- Makrand Pandey

Wife – Hussaini

Sons – Surat Sen, Sarat Sen, Tarang Khan, Bilwas Khan

Daughter – Saraswati

Teacher – Swami Haridas

There would be no such person in India who has not heard the name of Tansen. Nearly four hundred years have passed since his death, but it appears as if he died only a few days ago.

Early Life –

Tansen’s real name was Tanna Mishra and father’s name was Makarand Pandey. Some people used to call Pandey ji as Mishra also.

There are many opinions regarding the date of birth of Tansen. According to the opinion of most scholars, he was born in 1532 AD in Behat village, 7 miles away from Gwalior. There is a legend about his birth that Makarand Pandey was childless for many days. As a blessing of a fakir named Muhammad Gaus, he got a son, who was called by the name of Tanna.

Being the only child of his father, he was brought up with great pampering. As a result, he was very naughty and boorish in his childhood.

Right from the beginning, Tanna had the unique ability to imitate others. The child Tanna used to imitate the different sounds of animals, birds and animals and used to scare people with the speech of violent animals. Meanwhile, he met Swami Haridas. It is also an interesting event to meet. Once Swamiji was passing through a nearby forest with his troupe.

The mischievous Tanna started to scare the lion’s speech from the cover of a tree. That’s why the group of saints got very scared. After a while Tansen appeared in front of him laughing. Swami Haridas ji was highly impressed by his natural talent and asked his father to teach music to Tansen and took him with him to Vrindavan.


Tansen married a Hussaini, who had four sons and a daughter: Surat Sen, Sarat Sen, Tarang Khan, Bilwas Khan and Saraswati.

All five became accomplished musicians in their own right, later marrying Mishra Singh of Singhalgarh, who was also a notable veena player.

A legend states that Tansen was also married to Akbar’s daughter Mehrunnisa.

Education –

Tansen lived with Swami Haridas and received music lessons from him for ten years.

Hearing his father’s illness, Tansen went to his motherland Gwalior. His father died a few days later. It is said that before his death, his father called Tansen and said that your birth was due to the blessings of Muhammad Ghaus. It has happened, so you should never disobey his order, then Tansen took orders from Swami Haridas and started living near Muhammad Gaus. There he sometimes used to go to the temple of the widowed queen Mrignayani of Gwalior to listen to her singing.

Career –

When Tansen became a good singer, Rewa Naresh Ramchandra appointed him as the state singer. Maharaj Ramchandra and Akbar had a close friendship. To please Akbar, Maharaj Ramchandra presented singer Tansen as a gift to him.

Akbar himself was a lover of music. He was very pleased and included them in his Navratnas. Gradually, Akbar began to respect Tansen a lot, as a result other singers in the court became jealous of him. He devised a plan to destroy Tansen.

All the singers prayed to Akbar to listen to Deepak Raga from Tansen. And let’s see how much effect is there in Deepak Raga. No other singer can sing it except Tansen. This thing got stuck in the king’s mind and he forced Tansen to sing Deepak Raga.

Tansen explained a lot to Akbar that the result of singing Deepak raga would be very bad, but the emperor did not agree. So Tansen had to sing Deepak raga. As soon as she started singing, the heat started increasing, as if flames started coming out from all sides.

The audience ran away because of the heat, but Tansen’s body started burning with the intense heat. His heat could end only with Megh Raag. It is said that Tansen’s daughter Saraswati saved her father’s life by singing Megh Raag. Later the emperor repented his stubbornness.

Baiju Bawra was a competitor of Tansen. It is said that once there was a competition between the two singers and Tansen was defeated. Prior to this, Tansen had announced on behalf of the state that no one should sing except him and the one who sings would have a competition with Tansen. Time will have to accept the death penalty. Thus many singers died because of Tansen, because no one could defeat him. In the end Baiju Bawra defeated him, but Baiju Bawra forgave him and showed his big heart.

Creations –

Tansen’s musical compositions covered a wide range of themes and employed the Dhrupad. Most of these are derived from the Hindu Puranas, composed in the Braj language, and written in praise of deities such as Ganesha, Saraswati, Surya, Shiva, Vishnu (incarnations of Narayan and Krishna).

He also composed and performed works dedicated to the praise of kings and Emperor Akbar.

Tansen composed many ragas, such as


Tansen Award –

A national music festival known as ‘TansenSamaroh’ is held every year in December near Tansen’s tomb at Behat as a mark of respect to his memory. Tansen Samman or Tansen Award is given to exponents of Hindustani classical music.

Buildings –

The Fatehpur Sikri fort is strongly associated with Tansen’s tenure in Akbar’s court. A pond was built on a small island in the middle, near the emperor’s chambers, where musical performances were given. Today, this tank, called Anoop Talao, can be seen near the public audience hall Diwan-i-Aam – a central platform accessible via four footbridges. Could It is said that Tansen performed different ragas at different times of the day, and was awarded coins by the emperor and his select audience. Tansen’s alleged residence is also nearby.

Miracles and legends –

Much of Tansen’s biography, as found in the accounts of Akbar’s court historians and gharana literature, consists of inconsistent and miraculous legends.

The legends about Tansen contain stories of reducing rain with Raga Megh Malhar and lighting lamps by performing Raga Deepak. Raag Megh Malhar is still in the mainstream repertoire, but Raag Deepak is no longer known; Bilawal, Eastern and Three different types exist in KhamazThatt. It is not clear which, if any, match the lamps of Tansen’s time.

Other legends tell of his ability to listen to wild animals. Once, a wild white elephant was captured, but it was fierce and could not be tamed. Finally, Tansen sings for the elephant Sang, which calmed down and the emperor was able to board it.


Tansen died in Delhi in 1585 and his mausoleum was built near the tomb of Ghulam Gaus in Gwalior. Every year in his memory, Urs is celebrated in Gwalior and programs of classical music are organized.

Tansen Biography in English

Tansen Biography in english pdf is available on online sangeet .

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Tansen Biography in English Pdf Life Story Famous Songs is decribed in this post of Onlinesangeet. Read Old Indian Singers Lyrics Writers Music Composer Directors Biography.

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Question Related to Tansen

Where and when was Tansen born?

Place – Behat Village, Gwalior
Date of Birth – 1532

From whom did Tansen take music lessons?

Teacher – Swami Haridas
Swami Haridas ji had taught music to Tansen.

Which raga was sung in the court of Akbar, the court caught fire and who burnt it?

At the behest of Akbar, Tansen went to the Raga Deepak court, due to which there was a lot of heat and fire in the court.

What was the name of Tansen’s daughter?

daughter – Saraswati

How many sons did Tansen have and what were their names?

Tansen had 4 sons
Sons – Surat Sen, Sarat Sen, Tarang Khan, Bilwas Khan

What was the name of Tansen’s wife?

Wife – Hussaini

Which ragas were composed by Tansen?

Tansen composed many ragas, such as
• Darbari Kanhada
• Mian’s sarong
• Miyan Ki Todi
• Miyan Malhar

What is the name of the singer who defeated Tansen in the competition?

Baijubavra defeated Tansen in a competition.

When did Tansen die?

Tansen died in Delhi in 1585 AD and his mausoleum was built near the tomb of Ghulam Gaus in Gwalior. Every year in his memory, Urs is celebrated in Gwalior and programs of classical music are organized.

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