Tanpura Instrument & Parts Name in Music English Notes

Tanpura Instrument & Parts Name In Music
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Tanpura Instrument & Parts Name In Music is decribed in this post of Online sangeet. Learn Harmonium Keyboard Piano Flute Violin Banjo Sitar Hawaiian guitar Veena Sarod Mouth Organ Jal Tarang

Tanpura Instrument –


• Generally this instrument is called by the name of Tanpura. It has acquired an important place in North Indian music. The reason is that its tone is very sweet and helpful in creating a favorable environment. As soon as the chimes of Tanpura are heard, the heart of the singer also chimes, so it is used to give vocals along with singing or playing.

• In aparoksha form, the seven swaras originate from the tanpura, which we call the instrumental sound. The assistant will consider the sound further. It is necessary that not every instrumental sound is produced from every tanpura at all times and even if it does arise, then every person cannot even hear and understand.

Strings of Tanpura and the method of tuning

  • Tanpura has four string .The first string is with the Pa of the Mandra octave or in the ramas in which the fifth vowel is not used, through a pure medium .in some ragas in which neighter Pancham not pure medium are used , such as pooriya in marta , it is mixed with Mandra Ni. This wire is of brass. The second and third strings of the tanpura are always mixed with the pahaj of the middle octave.
  • Both these strings of iron, the fourth or last wire is also of brass. It is mixed  with mandra pahal. This wire is thicker then other strings.

 • The first string of women’s tonpura is also of iron and other strings are similar to that of men’s, second and third are of iron and the fourth is of brass. For more fluctuations, the wire is joined to the peg and for subtle differences, the bead is raised and lowered.

tanpura Parts Name –

Tumba –

It is of round shape made of gourd. It is attached to the lower part of the rod. Tumbe increases the sound of Tanpura and creates resonance.

Tabli –

The upper part of the gourd is cut off and the hollow part is covered with a piece of wood, which is called Tabli.


It is called Ghurach and Ghodi. The bridge is situated on the top of the tabli, on which the four strings are placed, it is in the shape of a small post made of wood or bone.

Yarn or thread-

Yarn or thread is used between the trumpet and the wire, which if placed in the right place, increases the chimes of the tambura.

Nail, mongra or nappy –

To tie the wire in the lower part of the tube, there is a nail or triangular bandage, which is called nail, nappy or mongra.


For decoration, beautiful wooden leaves are made on top of the tuba, which is also called makeup.

Gul –

The place where Tumba and the upper part meet is called Gul.

Dand –

This is the upper part of the tanpura which is made of long and poly wood. Its lower part is attached to Tumba. There are 4 pegs in the upper part. All four strings remain on the dand.

Anti or Attaka-

The four strings of the tanpura go up through the nail on the bottom. On the upper side, a strip of ivory is first found, on which the four strings are kept separately. Which is called ati or stuck.

Targhan or Tardan –

The wire goes up again through the abyss. Next a second strip is found through which the wire passes through its holes. This strip is called a targahan.

Pegs –

The four wires are tied to the pegs, respectively, through Anti and Targhan. These pegs are in the upper part of the tanpura. Two pegs are in the front part of the tanpura, one on the left side of the dand and the other on the right side.

Strings –

We have already told that there are four in Tanpura. The first and last strings in the Tanpura of men are of brass and the other two strings are of iron. In women’s tanpura, the last strings are of brass and the rest of iron.

To correct the subtle difference in bead-vowels, small pieces of pearl or ivory are threaded separately between the knob and the nail in four strings, which are called beads.

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Tanpura Instrument & Parts Name In Music is decribed in this post of Onlinesangeet. Accurate sargam notes in english of hindi songs from original scale are available on Onlinesangeet.

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