Pee Loon Sargam Notes In English Mohit Chauhan 2012

Pee Loon Sargam Notes
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Pee Loon Sargam Notes

Song : Pee Loon Hoto Ki Sargam

Movie : Once Upon A Time In Mumbai

Singer : Mohit Chauhan

Music Director : Pritam Chakraborty

Lyricst : Irshad Kamil

Release date : 20/6/2012

Pee Loon Sargam Notes in English

How To Read Sargam Notes –

  • “.” is used for Mandra saptak(Lower octave notes) .Pa
  • “*” is user for Taar Saptak (Higher Octave notes) Swars eg – Pa*
  • “(k)” small character is used for komal – ( Re(k) , Ga(k) , Dha(k) , Ni(k) )
  • Ma(t) here “(t)” is used for showing teevra swar Ma(t) .
  • “-” is used for Holdong the notes according to the Song.
  • Swars written “ReGa” in this manner means they are playing fast or two swars on one beat.
  • Ma(Ga) or (Ga)Ma Here Ga is Kan Swar or Sparsh Swar and Ma is Mool Swar. (You Can skip the kan swar if not understand how to play)
  • Swars written [ Ni(k)  Pa ] in this manner they are playing or singing in sliding mode means Meend acc to Indian music .
  • { NiSa*Re*Sa* Ni } here this braket {} is used for showing Khatka in which swars are playing fast .

Music Details –

Original scale – G#


Pee Loon Harmonium Notes

Sthai –

Pee Loon / Tere /  Neelay Neelay  / Nainon Se  / Shabnam

Pa Ga Ga  – / Re Ga / Ma Ga Re Sa/ SaSaSa / Ma Ga Ga –

Pee Loon Tere Geelay Geelay Hoto Ki Sargam …..same as above line

Pee Loon  / Hai Peenay Ka /  Mausam

ReGa ReSaSa/ .Pa SaSaSa / Ga Re Re – –

Tere Sang / Ishq  / kaari Hai

ReGa ReSa/ SaSa/ SaSaSa

Tere Sang /  Ik Khumari Hai

Tere Sang /  Chain Bhi / Mujhko

ReGa ReSa / SaSaSa / Ma Ga Re –

Tere Sang  / Bekraari Hai

ReGa MaGa / Re SaSaSaSa

Tere Sang Ishq Taari Hai

Tere Sang Ik Khumari Hai

Tere Sang Chain Bhi Mujhko

Tere Sang Bekraari Hai

Tere Bin /  Jee Nahi /  Lagda,

Pa Ga Pa / Ga Pa / GaRe ReSa-

 Tere Bin Jee Nahi Sakda

Tujhpe Hai /  Haare  / Maine  / Vaare  / Do  / Jahan,

SaSaSa/ Dha Dha / Pa Ga / Dha Pa / Ga – / Re Ga Re Sa-

Kurbaan,  / Meharbaan,  / Ke Main Toh  / Kurbaan

Re Sa- – .Ni .Dha –  / ReRe SaSa- / GaRe Ma / Ga Re Sa-

Sun Le  / Zara,

Ga Ga / Ga Ma – Pa GaRe SaRe Ga /

Tera  / Kurbaan

Re* – Sa* / Ni Dha Sa* – Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Ga –

Stanza – 1

Hosh Mein  / Rahun Kyun  / Aaj Main

Pa Pa Dha – Pa / Dha Pa Ga Ga  / Pa Pa Dha – Pa

Tu Meri   / Baahon Mein  / Simti Hai, /  Mujh Mein  / Samayi Hai  / Yun

Ma Ga Sa/ Ma Ga Sa/ Ma Ga Sa/ Ma Ma  / Ma Ma Ma Pa / Re –

Jis Tarah Ki Koi Hum Nadi, Tu Mere Seenay Mein Chupti Hai Sagar Tumhara Main Hoon …..same as above line

Pee Loon Teri Dheemi Dheemi Lehron Ki Cham Cham

Pee Loon Teri Saundi Saundi Saanson Ko Har Dum

Pee Loon Hai Peenay Ka Mausam


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