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Description of Raag Sohni in english

Brief introduction of Raag Sohni description in english in indian classical music is decribed in this post of Onlinesangeet.

Instructions – 

(1) Some of the music terms in roman english.

(2) Vikrit swar – Komal swar are written in ( re ga dha ni ) in this manner ,  Teevra swar is written ( Ma(t) ) in this manner.

(3) Main Music swar or shudha swars are written in (Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa*) in this manner.

(4)  In indain classical music Sa is shadaj , Re is rishabh , Ga is gandhar , Ma is madhyam , Pa is pancham , Dha is dhewat , Ni is Nishad

Raag Sohni

  Komal rishabh madhyam tiwra, pancham varjit maan.

Dha Ga samvad thaat marva, sandhi prakash pehchan.

Description of Raag Sohni –

Thaat – Marva

Varjit swar – pancham and rishabh.

Vadi samvadi swar – dhevat and gandhar.

Jati – audav – shadav

Gayan samay – ratri ka antim prahar.

Aaroh – Sa Ga ma(t) Dha Ni Sa*.

Avaroh – Sa* re Sa*, Ni Dha, ma(t) Ga – ma(t) Dha Ga ma(t) Ga, re Sa.

Pakad – Sa*, Ni Dha Ni Dha – ma(t) Ga, ma(t) Dha Ni Sa* re Sa*.

Important Notes:-

  1. This is raag of playful nature.
  2. This is utrang pradhan raag which is clear in avaroh.
  3. The association of Dha Ga is very much in this.
  4. This is morning gloaming raag.

Swar of nyas – Ga, Dha and Sa*.

Isotype raag – puriya and hindole

Sohani – Ga – ma(t) Dha Ni Sa*, re Sa*- Ni Dha Ni Dha – ma(t) Ga.

Hindole – Ga ma(t) Ni Dha Sa*, Ni Dha – ma(t) Ga Sa.

Puriya – Ga ma(t) Dha Ga ma(t) Ga, ma(t) Ga re Sa, Ni Dha Ni re Sa.

Important swar combination:-

  1. Ga ma(t) Dha Ni Sa*, re Sa*.
  2. Sa*,Ni Dha Ni Dha – ma(t) Ga.
  3. Ga ma(t) Dha Ga ma(t) Ga – re Sa.
  4. Ga ma(t) Dha Ni Sa*.


Description of  Raag Sohni in english is described in this post.

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