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Description of Raag Puriya in english

Brief introduction of Raag Puriya description in english in indian classical music is decribed in this post of Onlinesangeet.

Instructions – 

(1) Some of the music terms in roman english.

(2) Vikrit swar – Komal swar are written in ( re ga dha ni ) in this manner ,  Teevra swar is written ( Ma(t) ) in this manner.

(3) Main Music swar or shudha swars are written in (Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa*) in this manner.

(4)  In indain classical music Sa is shadaj , Re is rishabh , Ga is gandhar , Ma is madhyam , Pa is pancham , Dha is dhewat , Ni is Nishad

Raag Puriya

Komal rishabh aru tab, jaha pancham na koi.

Ga Ni vadi samvadi hai, raag puriya soi.

Description of Raag Puriya –

Thaat – Marva

Varjit swar – Pancham

Vadi – samvadi swar – gandhar and nishad.

Jati – shadav

Gayan samay – sayekal 4 baje se 7 tak.

Aaroh – Sa, Ni re Ga ma(t) Ni Re Sa*.

Avaroh – re Ni, ma(t) Dha Ga Ma Ga, re Sa.

Pakad – Ga ma(t) Dha Ga ma(t) Ga, ma(t) re Ga, re Sa, Ni Ni Dha – Re Sa.

Important Notes:-

  1. This raag is not found in ancient sanskrit granth.
  2. This raag is play in first and middle octaves. But it’s not mean that swar of higher octave is not use in this.
  3. This is raag of serious nature.
  4. This is evening gloaming raag.

Swar of nyas :- Sa, Ga and Ni

Isotype raag – Marva and sohni.

Puriya – Ni Re Ga, ma(t) Dha Ga ma(t) Ga, ma(t) re Ga – re Sa.

Marva – Ni re Ga ma(t) Dha – ma(t) Ga re, Ga re – Sa.

Sohni – Ga, ma(t) DhaNiSa – NiDhaNi Dha, ma(t) Ga, Gama(t)DhaGa ma(t) Ga, re Sa.

Description of  Raag Puriya in english is described in this post.

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